[ Printed pamphlet. ] The Flight of the Shadows. A Discourse delivered by Colonel Ingersoll, the Great American Orator.

'Colonel Ingersoll, The Great American Orator' [ Colonel R. G. Ingersoll; Robert Green Ingersoll (1833-1899), 'The Great Agnostic' ] [ Robinson's Opera House, Cincinnati ]
Publication details: 
'Sixth Edition.' Sold by R. Forder, 28, Stonecutter Street, London; Truelove, London; Morrish. Bristol; The Bookstall, Freethought Institute, Southampton; S. Watts, Manchester; Alexander Orr, Edinburgh; Robert Ferguson, Glasgow. No date [1890s?].

18pp., 8vo. Disbound. With pink front wrap, carrying an engraved portrait of 'Colonel Ingersoll. The Great American Orator and Wit.'. In good condition, lightly aged. A report of a speech at Robinson's Opera House, Cincinnati. A prefatory note, titled 'Eloquence of Ingersoll', quotes from Samuel P. Putnam's 'Golden Throne'. Scarce: the only copies of any edition traced at Oxford (second edition) and the London School of Economics (edition not stated).

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