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[ Admiral of the Fleet James Gambier, 1st Baron Gambier. ] Autograph Signature ('Gambier'), given immediately after the Battle of Basque Roads.

Admiral of the Fleet James Gambier (1756-1833), 1st Baron Gambier, Lord Commander of the Admiralty and Governor of Newfoundland
Publication details: 
'Given on board the Caledonia in Basque Roads 17 April 1809.'

On piece of 6 x 12 cm laid and watermarked paper, cut from an order. In fair condition, aged and worn. Above the good firm signature, in another hand, is: 'Given onboard [sic] the Caledonia in Basque Roads 17 April 1809'. At foot, in a nineteenth-century hand: 'Gambier's autograph'. Gambier's actions during the battle, the victory in which was credited to him rather than Lord Cochrane, led to a Court Martial. Gambier was exonerated, and Cochrane's naval career ended.

[Victorian bicycling ephemera.] 'Year Card of Rules, etc., Season, 1890' of the West Roads Cycling Club. [Printed by Cheney

[West Roads Cycling Club, London Headquarters, "Baron's Court" Hotel, West Kensington, W.; Cheney & Sons, General, Commercial & Artistic Printers, Banbury]
Publication details: 
West Roads Cycling Club, London Headquarters, "Baron's Court" Hotel, West Kensington, W. 1890. [Cheney & Sons, printers, Banbury, Oxfordshire.]

[8]pp., 16mo (10.5 x 8 cm). Stitched into card wraps. In very good condition. An attractive production, wtih the light-blue card covers printed in dark blue ink, with the club's device, featuring a lion on top of a wheel, embossed and printed in red. A list of names of the 'Executive' is inside the front cover. With the sixteen 'Rules' on the first two pages, and the other headings: 'Racing Fixtures', 'Executive Meetings', 'General Meetings'; the fourth page carries general notes.

[Pamphlet; Preservation of Rural England] Report of the Trunk Roads Joint Committee

[Council for the Preservation of Rural England and The Roads Beautifying Association]
Publication details: 
Published by Council for the Preservation of Rural England, Printed by The Garden City Press Ltd, at Letchworth, Hertfordshire. [1937]

36pp., 8vo, with photos and a folding "Diagram of the Dover Glasgow Road", green printed illustrated paper wraps, slight damage ot spine, condition mainly good. Initial sof previous owner on front cover. Three copies on COPAC (Nottingham, Kew, Brimighma, NOT BL).

[Nineteenth-century coach building.] Lithographed handbill advertisement for 'Wright's Patent Drag' (i.e. brake for a horse-drawn coach), with two illustrations by Baddeley, and four testimonials. With accompanying engraving.

[Wright's Patent Drag (the Proprietor, No. 22 Church Street, Soho [subsequently 138 Holborn Bars]), London [Baddeley, engraver; nineteenth-century coach building; Victorian carriages; transport]
Publication details: 
'Royal Pier Hotel, Ryde, | July 25th, 1842.' ['Office of the Proprietor, No. 22 Church Street, Soho, London' , amended in manuscript to '138 Holborn Bars']

Text: 2pp., foolscap 8vo (35 x 20.5cm.). Engraving: 12 x 16cm with corners clipped. Both items in fair condition, on aged paper. The text is cropped at the head, through a royal crest, and has rounded corners at the head and trimmed corners at the foot. The engraving has traces of grey paper mount on reverse. The text has lithograph illustrations of two side-views of four-wheel carriages with the drag applied, beneath the cropped crest and above the title 'WRIGHT'S PATENT DRAG.' Text consists of around 60 lines in copperplate.

Autograph Letter Signed ('Charles Geo. Napier | Major Rl. Arty.') from Major Charles George Napier, Royal Artillery, to C. J. Auret, Secretary, Board of Public Roads, Cape Town, tendering for the repair of the Constantia Road, Wynberg, South Africa.

Major Charles George Napier (d. c. 1846) of the Napiers of Tintinhull, Somerset [C. J. Auret, Secretary, Board of Public Roads, Cape Division, Cape Town, South Africa; Constantia, Wynberg]
Publication details: 
Plumstead; 19 May 1845.

3pp., foolscap 8vo. 60 lines. Good, on lightly-aged paper. Bifolium. Addressed, with broken red wax seal, to 'C. J. Auret Esqe. | Secretary | Board of Public Roads | Cape Division | Cape Town'. Napier understands that no tender has been received 'for putting in repair the Cross Road leading from Mr. place, to Mr. Henry Dreyer's Bridge on the Constantia Road & from the Bridge to the foot of the Hill leading to Wynberg'. It is 'very evident' to Napier 'that if some means are not immediately taken, that the heavy rains we may expect this winter will render the same totally impassable'.'s?>

Victorian parish financial accounts relating to Wingham Highways District, Kent, comprising ten General Annual Statements [1863, 1865 to 1873], a Statement of Receipts and Expenditure [1864], and a Financial Statement, 1879.

Wingham Highways District, Kent
Victorian parish financial accounts relating to Wingham
Publication details: 
1863 to 1879; Wingham, Kent.
Victorian parish financial accounts relating to Wingham

The twelve items are in fair condition, on lightly-aged paper, folded into packets, with all texts clear and complete. The first of the General Annual Statements, that for '1863 & 64', is representative. Its two pages are on one side each of two landscape sheets of grey paper, both 67 x 42 cm. Both are printed forms, with columns in red, headed '25th & 26th of Victoria, Cap. 61 GENERAL STATEMENTS of RECEIPTS and EXPENDITURE on Account of the HIGHWAYS of each Parish, Township &c.

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