[Perceval Gibbon, Welsh author and journalist, friend of Joseph Conrad.] Fourteen Autograph Letters Signed to his London literary agent James Brand Pinker, on professional matters, and also motor-cycle accidents and an incident with a 'certain lady'.

Perceval Gibbon (1879-1926), Welsh author and journalist, friend of Joseph Conrad, Major in the Royal Marines and war correspondent [James Brand Pinker (1863-1922), London literary agent]
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The fourteen letters between 1903 and 1923. The last from Le Hocq, Jersey, the others from various London addresses.

Fourteen letters with a total of 25pp, various formats. The collection in good condition, lightly aged. The first two letters, from 1903, signed 'R. Perceval Gibbon', the other fourteen, 1909-1923, signed 'Perceval Gibbon'. Written in a close neat hand, a correspondence - by no means a perfunctory - casting light on the relationship between Gibbon and his agent. Sent on following letterheads: 1903 (two), Bryn-Gwyn, 116 Clapton Road, N.E.; 1909, Elm Lodge, Riverside, Mortlake, S.W.

[Perceval Gibbon, Welsh author, to agent J. B. Pinker.] Three letters: two from Switzerland in 1914, discussing plans to become a war correspondent, and concern over Joseph Conrad; third (1917?) describing a visit to Pinker's son on the Western Front

Perceval Gibbon (1879-1926), Welsh author and war correspondent, friend of Joseph Conrad [James Brand Pinker (1863-1922), London literary agent; his son son Eric Seabroke Pinker (1891-1973)]
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TLS: 'Nov 7th. [1917?] | c/o The Press Officer, | G. H. Q., B. E. F., France.' [i.e. General Head Quarters, British Expeditionary Force]. Two ALsS: 1 and 5 August 1914. On letterheads of Hotel Hilterfingen Pension, Thunersee [Switzerland].

Gibbon was a New York Times war correspondent with the Italian Army during 1917 and 1918. He reported from the Isonzo, the Plave, the Carso, and elsewhere along the Italian front. In 1918 and 1919 he served as a Major in the Royal Marines. The main letter of the three present here was written from the Western Front on 7 November [1917?], Gibbon's agent J. B. Pinker having clearly asked him to arrange a meeting with his son, who was serving with the British Army. It is a Typed Letter Signed, 4pp, 4to, with a few autograph emendations. On four leaves of cartridge paper.

[ Richard Cobden-Sanderson, publisher. ] Typed Letter Signed ('R. Cobden Sanderson') to literary agents J. B. Pinker & Son, declining to publish three titles they have submitted.

R. Cobden-Sanderson [ Richard Cobden-Sanderson ] (1884-1964), publisher, son of printer T. J. Cobden-Sanderson of the Doves Press, Hammersmith [ J. B. Pinker & Son, London literary agents ]
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On letterhead of 'R. Cobden-Sanderson: Publisher | 17 Thavies Inn, Holborn, E.C.1' [ London ]. 9 February 1925.

1p., 12mo. In good condition, lightly-aged. He has 'given consideration to the following MSS.': 'THE WEB OF FATE by M. Garahan | ANTONY IN LOVE [by] C. E. Rose | THE NIGHT MOTH [by] Amy Miller'. As he cannot make any offer for their publication he is returning the manuscripts forthwith.

47 Autograph Letters Signed, 3 Typed Letters Signed and 3 Autograph Cards Signed, from the author 'Charles Inge' [Captain Charles Inge Gardiner] to his literary agent

Captain Charles Inge Gardiner, author, under the pseudonym 'Charles Inge', of six books between 1905 ('A North Sea Agony') and 1920 ('Flashes of London') [J. B. Pinker [James Brand Pinker] (1863-1922
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Written from London, York, Brighton, Windsor and other places in England between 1904 and 1920.

An interesting correspondence by an author about whom little is known. The 54 items (including one TLS to Gardiner from Methuen & Co Ltd) are in fair condition, on lightly-aged and worn paper. Four letters are signed 'Chas. Inge' and the others 'Chas. I . Gardiner'. The earliest items (1904-1911) are on the letterhead of 'CHAS. I. GARDINER', Blenheim Mansions, Queen Anne's Gate, London; thereafter he moves to 9 Irving Mansions, Queen's Club Gardens, West Kensington, and thence, while serving in the First World War, to York.

Copy of Two Typed Letters from the London publisher Martin Secker to the Scots-Canadian author Frederick Niven, the first asking for 'one more chance' to publish his work. With typed copies of two of Niven's replies, the first extremely critical.

Frederick Niven [Frederick John Niven] (1878-1944), Scots-Canadian writer [Martin Secker [Percy Martin Secker Klingender] (1882-1978), London publisher; J. B. Pinker, literary agent]
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Secker: both from Number Five, John Street, Adelphi; 26 and 28 February 1913. Niven: both from Holmleigh, Church Hill, Loughton, Essex; 27 February and 2 March 1913.

Sent by Niven to his literary agent J. B. Pinker, whose date stamp is on the first of Secker's letters. All four items in fair condition, on aged and lightly-creased paper. Secker's first letter: 1p., 4to. He begins by praising 'Denny's display' [a window display of Niven's work in Denny's bookshop in the Strand]: 'I am wondering whether you managed to get the photograph into any of the papers. Shall I send it to the Bookman?' He continues: 'The sales [of Niven's novel The Porcelain Lady] up to date amount to 434 in England.

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