Coloured drawing by F. Afchain-Vanpoulle of Liège of a design for the processional banner of the Jupille section of the feminist wing of the Belgian Labour Party ('P.O.B. Action Feminine Section de Jupille'), with pencil annotations.

F. Afchain-Vanpoulle, 106, rue Cathédrale, Liège [Action Feminine (founded 1921), Parti Ouvrier Belge; Belgian Labour Party; feminism; women's rights]
Publication details: 
Undated [1920s]. Stamp of 'F. Afchain-Vanpoulle, 106, rue Cathédrale, Liège'.

On one side of piece of thick wove paper, 36 x 28 cm. The design is clearly and neatly drawn, coloured in orange, gold, red, blue, brown, black, grey and pink. The banner, casting a grey shadow, is shown tied by ribbon with black, yellow and red stripes onto a spearheaded flagpole, with carved horizontal branch. The banner has a bright red ground, and is of irregular rectangular shape (curved outer lower corner), with gold tassels along the lower edge.

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