[William Bullock, Secretary of the Island of Jamaica, Public Messenger, Island Storekeeper and notary public.] Manuscript Document Signed ('W Bullock | Not Pub'), in secretarial hand, regarding plan for 'conveying' a stream of water into Kingston.

William Bullock of St Catherine, Jamaica, Island Storekeeper, Public Messenger, Secretary of the Island and Notary Public
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'Done and performed in my Office of Secretary of the said Island [of Jamaica] At Saint Jago de la Vega this 31 day of May annoque domini One thousand Eight hundred and nineteen [1819]'.

In 1824 Bullock held the public offices of Island Storekeeper and Public Messenger. He was also Secretary of the Island and Notary Public. On one side of a 32 x 20 cm piece of laid paper, with Whatman watermark dated 1817. In good condition, lightly aged, with parts of the edges cut down. Seal under paper at bottom left. In a secretarial hand, with Bullock only supplying the date and his signature 'W Bullock | Not Pub'.

[ Benjamin D'Israeli, grandfather of Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli. ] Autograph Signature, with those of Francis Bradley Brodie of Dublin, George Hughes and Richard Bayly, Notary Public, on a legal document concerning a bequest to Brodie.

Benjamin D'Israeli (1730-1816), Italian-born London merchant, grandfather of Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli, Earl of Beaconsfield; Francis Bradley Brodie of Dublin, George Hughes; Richard Bayly ]
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No place. 17 April 1784.

1p., folio. In good condition, on lightly aged and creased paper with slight loss to top left-hand corner. Laid out in the typical fashion of the period, with embossed tax stamp in top left-hand corner, and Bayly's stamp as notary public on square of paper over wafer.

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