[William Bullock, Secretary of the Island of Jamaica, Public Messenger, Island Storekeeper and notary public.] Manuscript Document Signed ('W Bullock | Not Pub'), in secretarial hand, regarding plan for 'conveying' a stream of water into Kingston.

William Bullock of St Catherine, Jamaica, Island Storekeeper, Public Messenger, Secretary of the Island and Notary Public
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'Done and performed in my Office of Secretary of the said Island [of Jamaica] At Saint Jago de la Vega this 31 day of May annoque domini One thousand Eight hundred and nineteen [1819]'.
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In 1824 Bullock held the public offices of Island Storekeeper and Public Messenger. He was also Secretary of the Island and Notary Public. On one side of a 32 x 20 cm piece of laid paper, with Whatman watermark dated 1817. In good condition, lightly aged, with parts of the edges cut down. Seal under paper at bottom left. In a secretarial hand, with Bullock only supplying the date and his signature 'W Bullock | Not Pub'. Headed 'Jamaica Is.' Reads: 'I William Bullock Esqire Secretary and notary public of this His Majesty's said Island of Jamaica duly admitted allowed and sworn Do hereby Certify and make known to all to whom these presents shall come or may concern that the instrument in writing hereunto annexed signed and attested by me is a true Copy of an act of the Govern Council and assembly of this His Majesty's said Island passed the nineteenth day of December last Entitled "An Act to Constitute certain persons a Corporate Body for taking up conveying into and through the City of Kingston a certain Stream of Water for supplying the said City and the Shipping resorting thereto" as the same remains on record in this my Office of Secretary of the said Island I having carefully compared and Examined the same".