['Moira O'Neill', pseudonym of Irish poet Agnes Shakespeare Skrine, mother of novelist Molly Keane ('M. J. Farrell').] ALS from her, explaining her reticence; and letters about her background from John Stevenson ('Pat M'Carty') and H. C. Montgomery.

'Moira O'Neill', pseudonym of Agnes Shakespeare Skrine [née Higginson] (1864-1955), Irish poet, mother of Molly Keane [née Mary Nesta Skrine] (1904-1996; 'M. J. Farrell') [John Stevenson of Coolavin]
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Skrine from Wellfield, Ballymore Eustace, Co. Kildare; 12 February 1910. Stevenson from Coolavin, Belfast; 17 February 1910. Montgomery from Central Buildings, 40 Rosemary Street, Belfast; 17 February 1910.

Three excellent letters relating to the reclusive Antrim poet 'Moira O'Neill', mother of the novelist Molly Keane ('M. J. Farrell'): an ALS from the poet herself, explaining her reticence; an ALS from the poet John Stevenson of Coolavin ('Pat M'Carty') regarding the poet and her background, and reporting information received from the antiquary Francis Joseph Biggers and 'Rev. H D Murphy of St. George's'; and a TLS from H. C. Montgomery of Belfast, telling what he knows of the poet and her family. From the papers of Rev.

[ Mona Inglesby and International Ballet. ] Autograph Signatures of Inglesby and 23 members of her International Ballet troupe, including Moira Shearer, Nina Tarakanova, Claudie Léonard Algeranova, Anna Marinova, Joyce Graeme, Rex Reid, Jean Harris.

Mona Inglesby (1918-2006), dancer, choreographer, founder of International Ballet [ Moira Shearer, Nina Tarakanova, Claudie Léonard Algeranova, Anna Marinova, Joyce Graeme, Rex Reid, Jean Harris ]
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No place. Dated 1942.

There has been a recent resurgence of interest in Mona Inglesby and her International Ballet (1942-1951). In 2008 Kay Hunter published a study of the troupe, titled 'Ballet in the Blitz'; then in 2012 BBC Radio 4 aired a documentary about Mona Inglesby and International Ballet, titled 'Black-Out Ballet: The Invisible Woman of British Ballet'. The writer of the documentary, Ismene Brown, gave the following explanation of her motives: 'In 2006 an elderly dancer died in Bexhill-on-Sea, Sussex. She was 88, and had once been one of Britain's most recognised ballerinas.

[ Moira Lister, film and theatre actress. ] Seven Signed Letters (six in Autograph) and one Autograph Card Signed, to theatrical bookseller Barry Duncan, in folder containing newspaper cuttings, a programme, and copies of his letters to her.

Moira Lister [ Moira Lister de Gachassin-Lafite, Vicomtesse d’Orthez ] (1923-2007), South African film and theatre actress
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Two of Lister's letters her 'Moira Lister' letteread and one on 'Vicomtesse d'Orthez' letterhead. Most from 31 Cadogan Square, London. Between 1955 and 1961. Cuttings from between 1947 and 1971.

The thirty-six items in the folder are in good condition, with light signs of age. ONE: Six Autograph Letters Signed, one Typed Letter Signed, and one Autograph Card Signed. All signed 'Moira Lister' except the last communication, the card, which is signed 'Moira d'Orthez'. With four stamped envelopes, addressed to Duncan at his bookshop in St Martin's Court. A courteous and businesslike correspondence, firmly parrying Duncan's efforts at greater familiarity. The first letter, typed, is dated 8 March 1955, and relates to the sale of books.

Autograph Letter Signed to Sir Charles Watkin Williams Wynn (1775-1850), President of the Board of Control.

Francis Rawdon Hastings, 1st Marquess of Hastings and 2nd Earl of Moira (1754-1826), Anglo-Irish army officer and Governor General of Bengal [George Canning; Sir Edward Paget]
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10 December 1822; Calcutta.

4to, 3 pp, 26 lines. Discoloured and lightly stained, with a couple of closed tears, but with text clear and entire. Marked 'Private' and docketed 'No. 5932'. An interesting letter, written on the eve of Hastings' return to England from his post as Governor General of Bengal, giving 'the state of affairs here up to the latest moment', everything being 'quiet and prosperous'. Discusses the state of Government Bonds. 'Sir Edward Paget is in the River & will land tomorrow.

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