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[ Sir Anthony Panizzi, Principal Librarian of the British Museum. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('A Panizzi') to 'Delane' [ editor The Times? ], re.Earls of Derby (inc. his acquaintance 'the great cockfighter') and whether a book is by the present Earl.

Sir Anthony Panizzi [ Antonio Genesio Maria Panizzi ] (1797-1879), Principal Librarian of the British Museum and Italian patriot
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'British Museum | Thursday mng'.

2pp., 12mo. In good condition, lightly aged, with unobtrusive traces of stub. The letter begins: 'Vixere fortes antes Agamemnona, all the Earls of Derby have of late been Edwards, in 1828 the Earl of Derby was the grandfather of the present one – I have known him – the great cockfighter – and husband of Miss Farren.' He asks him not to forget to send 'the book of diplomatic sports': he is leaving for the continent the following Saturday, but will not fail to return it.

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