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[ Jean-Baptiste de Nompère de Champagny, French admiral and politician. ] Autograph Signature ('Champagny') to secretarial document sending condolences to the widow of the former minister Charles-François Delacroix and 'Monsieur & Madame Verninac'.

Jean-Baptiste de Nompère de Champagny (1756-1834), French admiral and politician, active in the American War of Independence [ Charles-François Delacroix (1741-1805), French statesman ]
Publication details: 
Paris, '17 Brumaire an 14' [ 8 November 1805 ].

1p., 4to. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper, with the top corners snipped away. Document in a secretarial hand, signed by Champagny, with 'Paris' and 'Le Ministre de l'Intérieur,' printed at the head. Addressed 'à Madame Veuve Delacroix, Monsieur & Madame Verninac' (Delacroix's daughter Henriette married the diplomat Raymond de Verninac Saint-Maur (1762-1822)). Nine-line formal letter of condolence on Delacroix's death, with reference to 'S. M. L'Empereur'. Champagny was elected a member of the Society of the Cincinnati for his exertions in the American War of Independence.

[ Textiles; French ]Collection of 105 items of correspondence, in French, 1815 and 1822 by various companies to Messrs Henry Pierre Delacroix et Fils, textile manufacturers of Elbeuf, Normandy, including accounts and political and social references.

Messrs Henry Pierre Delacroix et Fils, textile manufacturers of Elbeuf, Normandy
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Written between May 1815 and October 1822. Addressed to Messrs Henri Pierre Delacroix et Fils of Elbeuf, Normandy, from various French locations (principally Paris).

105 items of correspondence, in French, in various formats (mainly 8vo). In good condition on lightly-aged paper. Each text clear and complete. The whole contained in a grey paper folder with 'Juillet 1818' on the front wrap. Each item unobtrusively numbered in neat red pencil. Featuring a wide range of the correspondents, as few write more than once. Occasional letters docketed. Accompanied by a modern abstract by a French-speaker, reflecting the difficulty of the various hands contained in the collection.

[ Delacroix ] Autograph Note Signed "Eg Delacroix" [en francais]. No specific addressee.

Eugene Delacroix, French artist
Publication details: 
[No place]1 January 1847

One page, 8vo, bifolium, three lines of text with added signature and date good condition, in a difficult hand (a scrawl). He is asking that the employees of a certain premises welcome a M. Plouet. Text as follows, as near as I can): "Je prie MM les employées de la [ biblque??] de L[?]y de laisser entrer <. Plouet et la [?]." Image available.

Autograph Letter to 'Monsieur Delacroix'.

Michel Alcan (1811-1877), 'ingénieur-professeur au Conservatoire des arts et métiers' [Ernest Stamm; Eugène Delacroix (1798-1863)?]
Publication details: 
13 February 1860; Paris.

4to, 1 p, 8 lines. Good, on lightly aged paper. Small indentation from paperclip in margin. Reads 'Monsieur Alcan prie Monsieur Delacroix de remettre au porteur le Testament (tissé) de Louis XVI, dont il a besoin pour le cours de ce soir au conservatoire des Arts et metier. | le preparateur du cours | Ernest Stamm | Paris le 13 fevrier 1860'. Loosely inserted in blue paper wraps with slip of an entry for the letter from a French autograph catalogue, misattributing it to Stamm.

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