[ John Caley, antiquary. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('J: Caley.') to Joseph Planta of the British Museum, regarding a payment of money, and his temporary removal from town.

John Caley (1760-1834), Secretary to the Record Commission, antiquary and archivist [ Joseph Planta (1744-1827), Principal Librarian at the British Museum ]
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'Folkstone. | 5 Septr. 1802.'

1p., 8vo. In fair condition, on lightly aged and worn paper, with slight damage to corners from removal from mount. 20 lines of text. Regarding 'a Dr[af]t. on Snow & Co for twenty five pounds', he would 'willingly have put down the little trouble I had to the account of our mutual friendship in which I stand considerably your debtor but as you will have it otherwise I beg you will accept my sincere thanks for the inclosure, assuring you I consider it far beyond what I ought to have had'.

[ John Caley, English antiquary. ] Autograph Letter Signed to Dr Adam Clarke, admonishing him regarding engravings for a new edition of Rymer's 'Foedera'.

John Caley (1760-1834), English antiquary, Secretary to the First Record Commission [ Dr Adam Clarke (1760-1832) of Milbrook, Lancashire, Methodist minister and antiquary ]
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Grays Inn [ London ], 19 March 1811.

1p., 12mo. In fair condition, on aged paper, with negligible traces of mount adhering to the blank reverse of the leaf. Addressed to 'Dr Clarke | Harper St.' After explaining that the Commissioners of the Public Records want lists of the new plates for the first volume of 'Foeder', and another list of 'the old ones necessary to be re engraved', reminds him that he promised the latter list 'in September last'.

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