[ Coulson Kernahan, English novelist, journalist and poet. ] Eleven Letters (nine in Autograph and two Typed) signed 'Coulson Kernahan', to the author C. S. Johns, mainly on literary connections, including Stephen Phillips and Philip Bourke Marston.

Coulson Kernahan [ John Coulson Kernahan ] (1858-1943), English novelist, journalist and poet [ Cecil Starr Johns; Philip Bourke Marston; Stephen Phillips ]
Publication details: 
Nine on letterhead of Frognal, Fairlight, Hastings. One on lettehead of Fawndene, West Hill, Hastings. 1927 (6), 1928 (2) and 1930 (1). Two undated.

For information on Kernahan, see his entry in the Oxford DNB. The eleven items are in fair condition, lightly aged and worn, and total seventeen pages in autograph and two pages typed. Most of the letters have the year added in pencil in another hand, of the other two letters without a year, one (from Fawndene) is dated 2 January [1927]; and the other (from Frognal) has no date at all [January 1928?]. Kernahan's handwriting is difficult to decipher, and the readings from the autograph letters are tentative.

[ The Original Society of Papermakers, Maidstone. ] 72 printed items

The Original Society of Papermakers, Maidstone, Kent [ James Bourke and R. Robertson, Secretaries ]
Publication details: 
Mainly printed by R. W. Burkitt, Maidstone, Kent. Three dating from 1901, the other 69 from between 1920 and 1929.

An interesting collection of material relating to trades unions in the paper industry, and a scarce survival. The University of Birmingham, which holds a small collection of pre-twentieth-century material relating to the Original Society of Papermakers, notes that 'Few records have survived, including papers kept by chance and found within later correspondence'.

Manuscript Letter, written by an amanuensis for the blind poet 'P. B. Marston' [Philip Bourke Marston], to John T. Baron of Blackburn, referring to two of his books, and to a photograph taken six years before, which 'does not please' his friends.

Philip Bourke Marston (1850-1887), blind English poet, protégé of Dante Gabriel Rossetti, and friend of James Thomson ('B. V.') [John T. Baron of Blackburn autograph hunter]
Publication details: 
191 Euston Road, London. 11 October 1882.

3pp., 12mo. Bifolium. In stamped and postmarked envelope, addressed in the same hand to 'J. Y. [sic] Baron Esq. | 48, Griffin Street, | Tritton | Blackburn'. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper, in slightly discoloured envelope. It is not known who acted as Marston's amanuensis after the death of his sister Cicely in 1878: the present letter is written in a neat and somewhat childish hand. It dates from what had been an extremely trying year for Marston, with Rossetti dying the previous April, and the dying James Thomson being carried from Marston's rooms two months later.

Autograph Signature ('Mayo'), seal and address to the Duke of Argyll at the India Office.

Richard Southwell Bourke (1822-1872), 6th Earl of Mayo, Viceroy of India [George Campbell, 8th Duke of Argyll]
Publication details: 
Date and place not given, but between 1869 and 1874.

The envelope is roughly 8 x 13 cm. Aged and lightly ruckled. The signature is on the front, in the bottom left-hand corner, with 'Private' in the top left, and the address in the middle, 'The Duke of Argyll | India Office'. The seal has been stamped through paper onto dark brown wax. The envelope has been torn open at the back flap. Can be dated to after 1869 (when Mayo became Viceroy) and before 1874 (when Argyll ceased to be Secretary of State for India).

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