Autograph Card Signed from Sutro to Hicks.

Alfred Sutro (1863-1933), British author and dramatist; Seymour Hicks (1871-1949)
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26 October [no year, but c.1910]; on letterhead 31 Chester Terrace, Regent's Park [London].
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One page, on piece of grey card roughly three and a half inches by four and a half wide. Very good. Twelve lines and one-line postscript in Sutro's tiny and difficult hand. Sends his 'sincerest congratulations on the best volume of memoirs I have read this many a day' (Hicks published his autobiography in 1910). 'There isn't a dull line in it from start to finish; I could dine out for a week on the stories'. Reference to Irving and other actors. Ends 'A damned good book, Seymour! Tous mes compliments!' Postscript reads 'This does NOT require an answer!'