[Sir John Lavery, Irish artist, to Sir Arthur Stockdale Cope, portraitist.] Autograph Letter Signed ('John Lavery'), regarding the Artists' General Benevolent Institution and a man who has 'pestered' him 'by his visits and letters'.

Sir John Lavery (1856-1941), RA, Irish painter [Sir Arthur Stockdale Cope (1857-1940), RA, portrait painter; Artists' General Benevolent Institution, London]
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On letterhead of 5 Cromwell Place, S.W.7 [London]. 30 January 1918.
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2pp, 4to. In good condition, lightly aged. Folded twice. Addressed to 'My dear Cope'. After thanking him for his letter Lavery writes: 'Our “friend” [Braynard?] when he called to ask for my signature told me many things, amongst others that the A. G. B. I. had already given him a grant some time back and that [Charleton?], Brangwyn and I were his sponsors | I had a hazy recollection of him and made up my mind that I would sign his paper and let the Secretary of the A. G. B. I. know the circumstance, which I did do that same day. I have since been pestered by his letters which I have paid no attention to.' He is sorry that his 'signing of his paper should have thrown him to you and it will certainly be a lesson to me to make sure of my man next time'. He concludes by apologising for his recent absence from A. G. B. I. meetings, explaining that this is 'owing to the work I have been doing for the Propaganda Bureau and now for the Admiralty'. He will be 'leaving the country' in 'the course of some weeks', but hopes to be 'still here on the 20th February'.