[ Arthur Sidgwick. ] Autograph Card Signed ('A. Sidgwick') to 'Mrs Green'., regarding arrangements for her stay at his Oxford address, while he and his family are in Wales.

Arthur Sidgwick (1840-1920), educationist and classical scholar, suffragist and proponent of women's education at Oxford, brother of the philosopher Henry Sidgwick (1838-1900)
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Woodstock Road, Oxford. 10 August 1903.
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Neatly and closely written on both sides of a 9 x 11.5 cm. card. In good condition, lightly aged. On his return from Cambridge the previous Saturday he 'found (as I expected) my family gone to Wales. Among their letters was the enclosed card. I assume it is from you.' He assures her that 'all is right', and that the 'spare room is ready, & will be ready, for you when you come on Thursday. I shall probably be gone, when you come, to Wales: but my movements will be not quite in my own control.' His wife will 'no doubt have explained' that 'all the books are at your disposal: and indeed everything else.' He gives 'Our Welsh address', and an Oxford address she may require if she wants 'anything at the house done before you come […] This you probably know: but for security I add it'.