[ Allan Cunningham, Scottish poet and author. ] Autograph Letter Signed to William Jerdan, editor of the Literary Gazette, an amusing letter of introduction for Henry Glassford Bell, editor of the Edinburgh Literary Journal.

Allan Cunningham (1784-1842), Scottish poet and author, a member of the 'London Magazine' circle of John Scott [ William Jerdan; Literary Gazette ; Henry Glassford Bell; Edinburgh Literary Journal ]
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37 Belgrave Place [ London ]. 28 September 1830.
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1p., 12mo. Bifolium. Addressed on reverse of second leaf to 'Will. Jerdan Esq | Grove House | Brompton', with second signature 'Allan Cunningham' at bottom left of address. Docketed on the same page, presumably by Jerdan: 'A Cunningham | Introduction of Mr Bell | Ed. Of Edinh. Lit. Journal'. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn. The author, recipient and subject of the letter are all Scottish. A spirited and amusing letter: 'My dear friend. | Peace and health be with you in spite of captious authors and high-trotting horses. Allow me to introduce a worthy friend of mine to your notice Mr Bell, Editor of the Edinburgh Literary Journal, who is anxious before he goes north to touch the homicidal right hand which has thinned the ranks of literature even as a woodmans knife thins the forest and allows the properest trees to grow into proper girth and height. That simile has exhausted the page so I conclude with good wishes as I began | Yours ever & ever | Allan Cunningham'.