[ Gibraltar Garrison and Chelsea Hospital. ] True copies, both signed 'Rd. Arnold', of 'Warrant for deducting 12d in the Pound', applied to Minorca and Gibraltar, and to Chelsea Hospital, and 'Abstract of the Charge of the foregoing Establishment'.

Richard Arnold (1682-1742), Deputy Secretary at War in England, and Secretary at War in Scotland [ Gibraltar ]
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Without place. Circa 1730.
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On the two sides of a folio leaf of watermarked wove paper. On one side is the copy of the 'Warrant for deducting 12s. in the Pound | To | Our Rt. trusty & Wellbeloved Counsellor Spencer Lord Wilmington, Paymr. General of Our Guards, Garrisons & Land Forces in Great Britain & Forces in Great Britain & Forces abroad | And to the Paymr. General of Our said Forces for the time being', 'By His Majestys Command | G. Oxenden | Wm. Clayton | Wm. Yonge' (but not with their signatures). Certified 'A true Copy. | Rd. Arnold'. An eighteen-line copy, no doubt produed for the War Office, headed 'George R.' Directing the use of the money 'psuant to this Establishment of Our Forces in Our Island of Minorca & Garrison of Gibraltar, [...] for the use of Our said Forces', with 'the remainder of the said Deduction [...] applyed towards the supports [sic] of Our Royal Hospitall near Chelsea for the Incident'. On the other side of the paper is 'A true Copy. | Rd. Arnold' of an 'Abstract of the Charge of the Foregoing Establishment', issued by the same individuals and again headed 'George R.' Giving figures 'Per diem' and 'Per 365 days', 'For the Island of Minorca' and 'For the Garrison of Gibraltar'. Note: "An Anglo-Dutch force captured Gibraltar from Spain in 1704 during the War of the Spanish Succession on behalf of the Habsburg claim to the Spanish throne. The territory was subsequently ceded to Great Britain "in perpetuity" under the Treaty of Utrecht in 1713"