[ Ivor Pritchard, Welsh architect, engraver and book-collector. ] Collection of 54 visual items from his student years, mostly detailed and finished architectural illustrations, many signed, with tracings, photographs, book illustrations.

Ivor Pritchard [ Ivor Mervyn Pritchard ] (1886-1948), Welsh architect, engraver and book-collector,, whose atlases are now in the National Library of Wales
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[ Menai Lodge, Chiswick, London. ] Between 1907 and 1910.
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Pritchard was Architect to the Commission on Ancient Monuments in Wales. His collection of 71 volumes of atlases and early geographies was purchased by the National Library of Wales in 1940. After study at Bangor University, he was articled in 1903 to Joseph Owen of Menai Bridge. Moving to London, he studied at the Architectural Association and Royal Academy schools and trained as assistant to a succession of architects: Walter Frederick Cave (1863-1939), Louis Amber (1862-1946) and Messrs Henry Victor Ashley (1872-1948) and Francis Winton Newman (1878-1953), before qualifying in 1911. The material in the present collection of 54 items dates (1907-1910) from Pritchard's student years, and in part shows the strong influence of the Arts and Crafts movement. It is entirely visual, with the only text consisting of captions, and exemplifies Pritchard's skill as a draughtsman and illustrator. The collection is in good overall condition, on aged and worn paper, with chipping and slight loss to the margins of a handful of the larger items. It is divided into twelve parts. ONE: Three attractive coloured pen and ink drawings, each approximately 18 x 25 cm. All three signed with initials, 'IMP', and the last two 'drawn on the spot'. First, 'Skyline [at sunset] of Peterborough Cathedral from the South East', dated 10 May 1908, 7.15pm; second, 'Old Farmhouse near Penshurst Kent', 30 May 1909; third, 'Old Cottages near Poundsbridge Kent', 31 May 1909.TWO: Pencil drawing of 'Building the Wesleyan Hall Westminster . Ivor M. Pritchard. 1912.' 35 x 22 cm. An attractive representation, showing a crane and workmen on scaffolding at the building's head. THREE: Six detailed and attractive pencil drawings of London churches. Each around 25.5 x 18 cm., and all signed with initials and 'drawn on the spot'. 'West Tower St Paul's Cathedral', 2 August 1908; 'The Spire of St Clement's Dane Strand EC', 31 October 1908; 'Church of St Magnus Martyr London Bridge', 15 May 1909; 'A.D. 1680 St Bride's Spire Fleet St, London Sir Chr. Wren Arch.' 6 May 1909; 'London St Martin's Church Ludgate Hill', 15 May 1909; 'St. George's Church Bloomsbury' 12 June 1909. The last is on grey paper and coloured in charcoal, unlike the rest, which are uncoloured and on white paper. FOUR: Pencil drawing of 'North West Tower Chichester Cathedral', May 1908. Signed with initials and 'drawn on the spot'. 25.5 x 18 cm. Similar in execution to the six drawings in Item Three. FIVE: Eight drawings in heavy black ink, all executed in the same style. Ranging in size from 35 x 25 cm to 18 x 7 cm. The six largest are signed (in styles ranging from 'IMP' to 'I Mervyn Pritchard'), and dated to 1909 and 1910. One, similar in style to the drawings in Three and Four above, is captioned 'A Gate Pier | Hampton Court Palace | Drawn in Ink on the Spot', 4 July 1909. The others are: 'British Museum. A red granite Lion made for Tut-Ankh-Amen King of Egypt B.C. 1430. I.M.F.', 30 October 1909; 'A bronze Memorial in St Pauls Cathedral', 9 October 1909; 'Kensington Palace Gardens. Bronze Statue of “Physical Energy”', 10 July 1909; 'Statue in the Chapter House Westminster', 1910; 'Early 16th Century Stone Canopy from St Etienne du Mont Paris', South Kensington, 23 October 1909; 'South Kensington Museum (Wax Model) Kneeling Friar'; 'Oak Finial French 16th Cy'. SIX: Four charcoal drawings made at the South Kensington Museum (i.e. the Victoria and Albert Museum), on four pieces of grey paper ranging in size from 32 x 24 to 22 x 18 cm. All four signed and dated to 1909 and 1910. Two are captioned: '[Young woman's head] Drawn from a Plaster Model by Alfred Stephens'; 'An Italian Bust in the South Kensington Museum'. The others depict two heads (an infant and an old man); and a snarling lion. SEVEN: Six printed pieces of paper, carrying book illustrations by IMP. The largest (38 x 25.5 cm) is an illustration of the 'Completion of St. Michael's Church, Sutton-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire, Louis Ambler, Architect', 'Reprinted from “The Builder,” June 11, 1910 | Royal Academy Exhibition 1909'. Beneath the caption IMP has written: 'Drawn by I M Pritchard 1909'. Also four pages of illustrations of 'Instruments of Torture', one set (captioned in pencil 'New Borough 24') on a 29 x 21.5 cm piece of paper, the others on three smaller pieces of card. Two of the three pieces of card have illustrations on colour laid down on them, and all three carry manuscript directions for the printer, and one is marked 'Spanish Book'. The last of the six is a 27 x 19 cm illustration of 'An old Corner in Hooks Yard St. George's', with manuscript directions for printer. EIGHT: Coloured front elevation of single story Arts and Crafts house, with shutters, pitched roof and two chimneys. 25 x 35 cm. No caption. With rough sketches of the same house, on a 22.5 x 27 cm piece of grey paper. NINE: Eight pages of sketches, on eight loose pieces of tracing paper ranging in size from 24 x 18 cm to 14 x 7 cm. Four dated to 1907, the others undated. One, in colours, is of 'The Nave of West Drayton Church Middlesex', 1 May 1907. Others, variously showing elevations and features, and some with measurements, include Lincoln and Ely Cathedrals, Hampton Court Palace, and 'Queens College Cambridge from the Cam'. Also, an attractive drawing, signed with initials, of a 'House in the Deans Courtyard Westminster Abbey', 27 June 1907; and 'Lambetgh Palace from Houses of Parliament', 9 July 1907. TEN: Rough sketches on eight small pieces of tracing paper. No captions. Four are of a Celtic design, one shows the frontage of a large church, and three are studies of human anatomy. ELEVEN: Four large pencil drawings of pebble. On two 29 x 23 cm pieces of paper. No captions. TWELVE: Five black and white photographs, ranging in size from 28 x 20 cm to 12 x 16 cm. All undated. The largest is a striking image of a woman in white dress, pearls and veil, in the back garden of a grand town house, with a profusion of flowers in the foreground. Also, two images of obelisks (one touched up), a row of columns from within an ancient temple, and a large municipal building.