[Thomas Haynes Bayly, English poet.] Holograph Poem (signed 'Thomas Haynes Bayly') titled 'A ditty!', with note explaining that it has been 'written in the shortest minute of the longest day'.

Thomas Haynes Bayly (1797-1839), English poet and dramatist [Isaac Watts]
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Place not stated. 22 June 1835.
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2pp., 4to. In fair condition, on aged paper. An unpublished jeux d'esprit on the well-known poem by Isaac Watts (also parodied by Lewis Carroll), the poem consists of twenty-four lines arranged in six four-line stanzas, followed by: 'written in the shortest minute of the longest day by | Thomas Haynes Bayly | June 22nd. 1835.' The first two stanzas read: 'As "doth the little busy Bee | "Improve each shining hour, | "And gather honey all the day | "From every opening flower." | So doth the busy T. H. B. | From bud to blossom hop, | In search of sweets incessantly | And seldom finds a drop!' Of the woman or girl to whom he is addressing the poem he writes in the fourth stanza: 'And oh most happy T. H. B. | When sick of common features, | To look upon a prodigy! | Most fair of human creatures!'