[George Marshall Ward, artist and engraver.] Autograph Letter Signed ('G R Ward') to H. Magford, offering to lend two works by his father James Ward to the Crystal Palace, and the exhibition of another one among Manchester 'merchant Princes'.

George Marshall Ward (1798-1879), artist and engraver, son of the artist James Ward (1769-1859) [The Crystal Palace; Art Treasures Exhibition, Manchester, 1857]
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31 Fitzroy Square W. [London] 27 April 1857.
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2pp., 12mo. Bifolium. In very good condition, neatly placed by the second leaf in a windowpane mount. He has 'received an intimation' that his picture is in Bond Street ('from whence I must fetch it'), and is writing to say that he has 'two Pictures by my Father (one very small but a beautiful little bit) the other the Peak in Derbyshire; a Landscape by Smith of Chichester & a copy of mine after Liverseege all of which I would lend to the Crystal Palace if you would like to have them'. He can deliver these to Bond St on collecting the other. 'I have safely deposited the Bull at Manchester where it looks magnificent & as it is surrounded by merchant Princes I should be glad that it leave not the County'. The 'Catalogue of the Art treasures of the United Kingdom, collected at Manchester in 1857' lists as number 196, loand by 'G. R. Ward, Esq.': 'JAMES WARD R.A. | BULL, COW. AND CALF. Painted 1822. Exhibited 1823'.