Printed leaflet advertising 'SEATS TO VIEW . . . | THE CORONATION PROCESSION' of King George V in 1911, with a pricing scale for the floors and roof of 41 King William Street, 'FINEST VIEWS ON THE ROUTE.'

Buzzacott & Co., London estate agents [1911 Coronation Procession of King George V]
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[Buzzacott & Co., 40, Praed Street, Paddington, London, W. 1911.]
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2pp., 12mo; with the reverse folding out to make 1p., landscape 8vo, with the words 'CORONATION, 1911.' printed in red. The text begins on the first page beneath the firms letterhead: 'HOUSES LET OR SOLD. | RENTS COLLECTED IN ANY DISTRICT. | WEEKLY PROPERTIES MANAGED. | REPAIRS ECONOMICALLY EXECUTED. | DISTRAINTS LEVIED. | [...]'. The text of the announcement is headed, in red: 'SEATS TO VIEW . . . | THE CORONATION PROCESSION.' The first page reads: 'We have pleasure in submitting prices of Seats which we have To Let at | 41, KING WILLIAM STREET, E.C., | to view the Procession on June 23rd. | The Premises are situated on the best side of the Street. The whole Procession will pass the Premises, from which in addition an uninterrupted view can also be obtained from Cannon Street right over London Bridge to the Station. | This Historic Procession bids fair to be one of the Grandest Spectacles of Modern Times, and the Premises afford one of the | FINEST VIEWS ON THE ROUTE. | In addition there will be ample Retiring Rooms, Lavatory accommodation, etc., etc.' The second page carries the 'very moderate scale' of prices for the four floors and 'CAPITAL FLAT ROOF'. At foot of second page, in red: 'MONEY RETURNED IF NO PROCESSION.'