Printed certificate by J. Dawson of a deposition in the cause between Thomas Bonnell and the Right Hon. Henry Fox: 'Surry. | This is to certify that John Davies came this 8th Day of July, 1761, before me, and made Oath as follows:'

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[London: 1761.]
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2pp., 12mo. Unpaginated. On laid paper. In fair condition: lightly-aged and creased. The deposition begins: 'JOHN Davies, Servant to Thomas Bonnell, Gent. maketh Oath that on or about the 15th Day of June last Mr. Ford, of Coleman-street-Buildings, who is employed as Attorney or Sollictor [sic] for the Right Hon. Henry Fox, Esq; against the said Thomas Bonell, [sic] gave to this Deponent half a Guinea, and promised him, in case he would bring any Books, Letters or Papers of his said Master's, that Mr. Fox would pay him, and make him an honorable Recompence for so doing. | Accordingly this Deponent says, he did at several days and times since carry and deliver several Letters, Books, Paquets, and Papers, which his Master Mr. Bonell sent by him, directed to different Noblemen and Gentlemen, many of which the said Mr. Ford broke open in this Deponent's presence'. Signed in type at foot: 'Sworn voluntarily the 8th day of July, 1761, before me, | J. DAWSON. | Sign'd by the said John Davies who declared the Contents to be true, and that he had read over the same in the presence of us, | D. P. | J. G. | J. C. P.' There is no record of this item on COPAC, but there is a book from 1761 relating to the affair: 'The Test of the Right Hon. Henry Fox, Esq., in Contest with Thomas Bonell, Gent., Comprising the Life and Genealogy of the Former, and the Sufferings of the Latter: The Fatal Case of John Ayliffe, Esq., and a Record of Such Deeds as Must Alarm the Present Age and Amaze Posterity'.