[Christopher Hassall's poem on Andrew Young, with annotations by Christopher Fry.] Typescript of Hassall's poem 'For Andrew Young', with a couple of minor autograph corrections by him, and biographical note on his association with the two men by Fry.

Christopher Hassall [Christopher Vernon Hassall] (1912-1963), poet and dramatist; Christopher Fry (1907-2005), playwright, leading exponent of verse drama [Andrew Young (1885-1971), Scottish poet]
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At end, in type: 'Christopher Hassall | November, 1939.'

1p, 8vo. In fair condition, lightly aged. On Croxley Script cartridge paper. Folded three times. Typed at top left: 'For Andrew Young'. From the Fry papers, with the playwright apparently stating that he found the typescript in a copy of Robert Frost's poems. Hassall's poem is apparently unpublished (but see below). It is divided into two sonnets, numbered I ('Yours is the Wildern World beyond my door') and II ('Speak for us to the earth, interpreter -').

[Printed report.] Examination and Inspection of Secondary Schools in the County of Gloucester and Dioceses of Gloucester and Bristol. 14th Annual Report 1899.

Earl of Ducie, Chairman of the Committee [The Rev. W. J. Selby, The Vicarage, Churcham, near Gloucester, Secretary; County of Gloucester and Dioceses of Gloucester and Bristol]
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Gloucester: Minchin and Gibbs, Printers and Booksellers, Westgate Street. [1899.]

10pp., 12mo. Stitched and unbound. In good condition, on aged paper. With stamp, shelfmark and label of the Board of Education Reference Library. Scarce: no copy in the British Library or on COPAC.

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