[Christopher Hassall's poem on Andrew Young, with annotations by Christopher Fry.] Typescript of Hassall's poem 'For Andrew Young', with a couple of minor autograph corrections by him, and biographical note on his association with the two men by Fry.

Christopher Hassall [Christopher Vernon Hassall] (1912-1963), poet and dramatist; Christopher Fry (1907-2005), playwright, leading exponent of verse drama [Andrew Young (1885-1971), Scottish poet]
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At end, in type: 'Christopher Hassall | November, 1939.'
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1p, 8vo. In fair condition, lightly aged. On Croxley Script cartridge paper. Folded three times. Typed at top left: 'For Andrew Young'. From the Fry papers, with the playwright apparently stating that he found the typescript in a copy of Robert Frost's poems. Hassall's poem is apparently unpublished (but see below). It is divided into two sonnets, numbered I ('Yours is the Wildern World beyond my door') and II ('Speak for us to the earth, interpreter -'). At the end, in type: 'Christopher Hassall | November, 1939.' There are four minor autograph emendations to the first sonnet, two in ink and two in type (one being the substitution of the word 'met' for 'dared', another the deletion of 'But' at the beginning of a line). The second sonnet ends well: 'We bruise, but never bless; our knowledge grows | Vaster, and vainer yet: the tiniest rose | That ever made white marriage with a thorn | Puts all our chilly intellect to scorn. | Yes, you have spoken to the earth, and what | She taught, you teach, and shall not be forget.' At top right is a pencil note in Fry's close neat hand: 'C. H. & A. Y. marrying C & E. Christening. | C. would have been reading. | Through C I meet A. | Christmastime 1956. Stonegate Vicarage. | [Worked?] through Into Hades | 2 sonnets in copy of Frost.' The note appears to say that Young married Hassall and his wife Eve ('C & E.') and christened their daughter (Imogen). And that through Hassall Fry met Young, spending Christmas 1956 at Young's Stonegate Vicarage, where Fry worked through Young's book-length poem 'Into Hades' (1952). Fry also appears to be saying that the typescript of the present '2 sonnets' were found in a copy of the poems of Robert Frost. The internet does not indicate that either sonnet was published, but good old-fashioned reference to the 1957 tribute volume 'Andrew Young Prospect of a Poet: Essays and Tributes of Fourteen Writers' may show that they are the work that Hassall contributed.