Autograph Letter Signed ('B Wilson') to Rev. Charles William Tonyn (d.1805), 'at the Palace Berwick upon Tweed'.

Benjamin Wilson (c.1721-1788), English portrait painter and scientist
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Postmarked 17 April [no year]. Place not stated.

Foolscap (31.5 x 20.5 cm): 1 p. 24 lines of text. Address, with postmark, on reverse. Good, on lightly aged and creased paper. Discussing a picture he has been painting of 'Captain Tonyn', which 'is within one days work of being finished'. Points out that there has been a misunderstanding about the price: 'fifty five pounds [...] could not be the case because I never yet reced from any body pounds, but always Guinneas'. Because of 'the great work that so large a Canvas wod. require (it being bigger than a whole length for which I had at that time 50 Gs. and now 60 Gs.

Autograph Note Signed [to Chapman].

John Bigelow (1817-1911), American lawyer, newspaper editor (New York Evening Post) and statesman
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Without date or place.

8vo: 1 p. Good, on lightly creased and aged paper. Good firm hand. Five lines of text and large, bold signature. Reads 'Enclosed please find the note of the General | With compliments to Madam and to Miss Chapman I remain | Very truly yours | [signed] John Bigelow'.

Typed Letter Signed to the Hon. William Sulzer, 115 Broadway, New York City.

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4 January 1934; on letterhead '40 WALL STREET | NEW YORK'.

American lawyer (1873-1958), who in 1930 headed the investigation into political corruption in New York City which brought about the decline of Tammany Hall. Sulzer (1863-1941) had been elected Democratic Governor of New York in 1913 with Tammany support, but had been removed from office following an internal dispute. One page, quarto. Very good. His reply to Sulzer's letter has been delayed due to 'pressure of other matters and my absence from the City'. He thanks Sulzer for the 'recent note conveying your good wishes.

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