[Terence Tiller, poet and radio producer.] Heavily-revised Autograph Draft ['Work-sheet'] of his poem 'Camels', with signed inscription; together with a typescript of the poem, also signed (both signatures 'Terence Rogers Tiller').

Terence Rogers Tiller (1916-1987), poet and BBC radio producer, born in Cornwall, educated at Cambridge
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Both items dated May 1965.

Tiller's entry in the Oxford DNB explains the background to this poem. In 1939 he 'went to Cairo to teach English literature and history at Fuad I University. During the Second World War he became closely associated with the group surrounding Personal Landscape, a review in the Middle East that had been founded and was edited by Lawrence Durrell, Robin Fedden, and Bernard Spencer'. Two items, both in good condition, lightly aged. ONE: Autograph Draft of the poem, in pencil, with numerous deletions, emendations and rubbings-out. 1p, folio.

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