[ Lord Snowdon and Sir Peter Hall. ] Print of photograph of Sir Peter Hall, with stamp of 'Tony Armstrong Jones' on reverse, and Autograph Invoice by Armstrong Jones.

Tony Armstrong Jones [ Antony Armstrong-Jones, 1st Earl of Snowdon [ Lord Snowdon ] ] (born 1930), photographer and husband of Princess Margaret [ Sir Peter Hall (b.1930), theatre director ]
Publication details: 
Invoice on letterhead of Armstrong Jones Ltd., 20 Pimlico Road, London, SW1. 2 February 1960. Print with stamp from same address, undated.

Both items in good condition, with minor signs of age and wear. The black and white photographic print is 24.5 x 19.5 cm, and depicts a chubby Hall, in shirtsleeves and tie, leaning over a seat at the back of a darkened theatre, with a positive look of concentration on his face, as he stares at the stage, a playscript in his hand. The reverse carries two stamps by 'Tony Armstrong Jones, one of them declaring his copyright. Also on the reverse are pencil calculations of dimensions for cropping for publication.

Manuscript Poem in his hand and signed by him on page detached from a Birthday Book.

Brian Rhys.
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No date.

Poet and mountaineer son of Ernest and Grace Rhys. One page, 4to, good condition, suitable for framing, Poem, two stanzas, 16 lines, title at end "[On attempting Snowdon Aug . 09]", starting "When first afar I saw thy mighty height . . . fading in beauty 'fore thy gifted sight. / But when thy foot, O Searcher into Heav'n! . . . "Await," I heard, "thy better wiser year."

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