[Illustrated booklet.] Songs from Aldermaston | Some of the many songs made and sung as part of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.

[Ewan MacColl, Peggy Seeger, Alex Comfort, et al.; the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament; CND; Ban The Bomb]
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Collected together and produced by The Broadsheet King, 15 Mortimer Terrace, London, N.W.5. [Early 1960s.]

20pp., small 4to. Pagination includes card wraps. With damp staining, but in fair overall condition, on lightly-aged paper. Nineteen lyrics (including 'Song of Hiroshima', 'Strontium 90', 'Ban the H-Bomb' and 'The Bomb Has Got To Go'), with thirteen tunes in musical notation, and final 'Guitar Chords'. Attractively laid out in heavy black and white, with numerous illustrations. Striking cover by Kit Cooper incorporates the CND logo into a muscial note on a score, with the word 'SONGS' beneath it. The only copy on COPAC at the British Library, by whom it is tentatively dated to 1963.

Original 45rpm record of 'South African Freedom Songs', sung by Pete Seeger, Robert Harter, Garrett Morris, Guy Carawan, Ned Wright, with booklet of words and music, with 'Notes by Peter Seeger'.

Peter Seeger; Folkways Records, New York [South African; Pete Seeger, Robert Harter, Garrett Morris, Guy Carawan, Ned Wright]
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Folways Records and Service Corp., 117W. 46th St. NYC USA. [1960.]

In black 19.5 cm square sleeve, with striking cover design showing the aftermath of Sharpeville, and notice 'The American Committee on Africa receives royalties from the sale of this record.' The four songs are Tina Sizwe (We, The Brown Nation); Nkosi Waqcine (God Save the Volunteers); Asikatali (We Do Not Care If We Go To Prison); Liyashizwa (Pass-Burning Song). Very good, lightly-aged, with the record itself (in brown paper sleeve) seemingly unplayed. The twelve-page booklet is stapled, with illustrated cover and three photographs of the Sharpville Massacre.

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