[Naomi Jacob] Typescripts of her plays THE ACE (A Play in One Act) AND THE DAWN (A Play in One Act)

Naomi Jacob [Naomi Eleanor Clare Ellington Jacob (1884 – 1964), writer, actress and broadcaster.]
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A. The Ace: 29 pages, sm. fol., in red paper covers, bindin a little battered but contents very good, address of agent handwritten on title (Elsa Daniels, 179 Manchester Road, Bury, Lancs). The play centres on Mary, Queen of Scots; B. The Dawn: 23 pages, sm. fol., in sl.stained folder, contents very good. Both plays apparently unpublished with minimal references on Google. A mysterious traveller turns up and discusses the present and future of Scotland, eventually revealing himself as The Young Pretender. Two items,

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