[ Advertising booklet of recipes in French and English, with endorsements by 35 chefs. ] Pour apprécier la vraie saveur des champignon utilisez le: "Royal Champignon" Paris-Pantin. Quelques Recettes par J. Bigeon.

J. Bigeon [ '"Royal Champignon"' Prepared Mushroom' ]
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Without place or date. [ Paris, Edwardian?]

30pp., 16mo. Stapled pamphlet in printed illustrated wraps. Aged, worn and creased, in stained and damaged wraps. Bigeon's introduction begins: 'The difficulties often met with to obtain at any time freshly gathered mushrooms, have induced me to prepare, in the very places of production, mushrooms dressed under various formulas, for which I add a few appropriated [sic] notes.' There are eight pages, in French, of 'Attestations des Chefs les plus réputés dans l'Art cullinaire', beginning with 'T. GIROD. | Chef des Cuisines Café de Paris | Paris' and ending with 'P.

[MS. notebook of domestic science 'receipts' including medical compiled by 3 generations of a family: 'Miscellaneous Receipts by Edward Carte and Edward Leigh Carte And Edward Alexander Leigh Carte'. With volume of 'French Phrases E Cart [sic] 1828'.

Edward Carte; Captain Edward Leigh Carte (1838-1911), RN; Sub.-Lieut. Edward Alexander Leigh Carte (1871-1916), RN
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Notebook of Edward Cart's French phrases, 1828; Notebook of 'Receipts' undated [1830s to 1890s].

Both items in early nineteenth-century notebooks, each with the original marbled covers. Both in fair condition, on lightly-aged paper, in worn bindings. The volume of 'Miscellaneous Receipts' is 12mo, 129 pp. Paginated by the compilers, with a ten-page 'Index' at the rear. The first page is signed by 'Edward Carte', 'Edward Leigh Carte', 'And Edward Alexander Leigh Carte'. Almost entirely in the hands of Edward Carte and Edward Leigh Carte, with only one page, following the index, in E. A. Leigh Carte's hand.

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