[ Beulah Patterson (née Busha), kinswoman of Ezra Pound. ] Two long Typed Letters Signed (both 'aunt Beulah') to her nephew 'Tommy'

Beulah Patterson [ née Beulah Elizabeth Busha ] (1886-1979) of Big Timber, Montana, kinswoman of the American poet Ezra Pound [ Olivia Shakespear; Dorothy Pound; Omar Shakespear Pound ]
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Both on her letterhead, as 'Clerk of District Court', of 'County of Sweet Grass | Big Timber, Montana'. 18 May 1945 and 19 August 1947.

Pound was related to the Busha family through the marriage of his first cousin once removed Ida Lillian Pound (1858-1949) to Charles Thomas Busha (see 'Ezra and Dorothy Pound: Letters in Captivity, 1945-1946, ed. Omar Pound and Robert Spoo, 1999). The two letters are each 2pp., 4to. Both in fair condition, lightly aged and worn. Both closely typed on both sides, with a few autograph emendations; the second letter with an autograph postscript. 'Tommy', who at the time of the first letter is serving with the United States armed forces, is also referred to by his nickname 'Toppie'.

Six Autograph Letters Signed by Hume-Campbell (all 'A: Hume-Campbell') to his 'Couzin' (a member of the Tonyn family).

Alexander Hume-Campbell (1708-1760), Member of Parliament and Lord Clerk Register from 1756 to 1760 [Hugh Hume-Campbell, 3rd Earl of Marchmont]
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All six letters dated from London in 1759.

All six letters in quarto; good, on aged paper; and with text neatly-written, clear and entire. Letter One: 3 May 1759. 2 pp. 40 lines of text. Giving advice regarding a will to be drawn up by a Mrs Robertson. 'As to the place where Mrs. Robertson makes the Disposition it is absolutely immaterial, [...] and then her will wrote in her own hand writing without witnesses will be as good as with twenty witnesses [...]'. Valediction from 'your affectionate friend & Cousin'. Letter Two: 30 June 1759. 1 pp. 24 lines.

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