[Guglielmo Marconi, inventor of radio: family correspondence.] 40 items to governess Millicent Goodsir ('Miss Unger') from Marconi's second wife Cristina [née Bezzi Scali], her mother and daughter: letters and cards in English, inscribed photographs.

[Guglielmo Marconi [Marquis of Marconi] (1874-1937), inventor of radio, winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics; his second wife Maria Cristina Bezzi-Scali, their daughter Elettra Giovanelli
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Most from 11 Via Condotti, Rome. 1914-1968.

Forty items, in good condition, lightly aged and worn, with some of the photographs with evidence on reverse of having been mounted. Millicent Goodsir [née Unger] (1885-1983) was governess to Christina Bezzi Scali (1900-1994), daughter of Francesco, Count Bezzi Scali and his wife Anna (1879-1968). In 1927 Cristina became Marconi's second wife. Their only child was Maria Elettra Elena Anna Marconi (b.1930), who would marry Prince Carlo Giovannelli (1942-2016).

['H. E. H.'] A melodramatic murder story, written for Blackwood's Magazine but unpublished, entitled 'Recollections of a Governess | My first Friend', and purporting to be the work of 'Emma', daughter of 'Henry Darrel [...] an Officer in Dragoons'.

'H. E. H.', soi-disant daughter of 'Henry Darrel [...] Officer in Dragoons' [Blackwood's Magazine, Edinburgh]
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Place and date not stated. [England; 1840s.]

56pp., 4to. On wove paper watermarked 'E & S | 1840'. In ruled notebook, in contemporary brown calf half-binding, with marbled boards. In very good condition, lightly-aged and worn. Neatly written out, with a few emendations in pencil. Signed at the end 'H. E. H.' (either the initials of the author or of the narrator 'Emma').

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