[ H. Irene Champernowne, pioneer in the field of art therapy. ] Typescript of her Jungian paper 'Woman and the Community', with a personal reminiscence of the Jung circle.

H. Irene Champernowne, pioneer in the field of art therapy, founder with her husband Gilbert Champernowne of the Withymead Therapeutic Centre, Oxfordshire [ Karl Gustav Jung; Toni Wolff ]
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Undated. 'A paper read to the Analytical Psychology Club, London, on 26th September, 1955.'

Much of Tessa Adams's paper on Toni Wolff in 'The Feminine Case: Jung, Aesthetics and Creative Process', ed. Adams and Duncan (2003), concerns the 'remarkable woman' Irene Champernowne and her relations with Wolff and Jung, with a discussion of Champernowne's Withymead Therapeutic Centre in Oxfordshire, which operated from 1942 to the late 1960s.

Autograph Note Signed ('T Redwood') to unnamed recipient.

Theophilus Redwood (1806-1892), Welsh analytical chemist, Professor of Pharmacy at the Royal Pharmaceutical Society
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19 Montague Street, Russell Square [London]; 26 March 1889.

One page, 12mo. Blind stamped monogram at head. Text clear and entire, but on heavily damp-stained paper. Reads 'The enclosed is to be inserted in the Journal of the Chemical Society among the Proceedings.'

autograph letter signed to [?] Turner

August Dupré [August Dupre]
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1p, 16mo, 2 August 1883, on letterhead of the library of Westminster Hospital

English chemist. States that he will be happy to sign his correspondent's nephew's application for the Fellowship of the Chemical Society. '[F]rom personal knowledge I have no doubt that my friend Mr Hake [Thomas Gordon Hake, 1809-95, DNB] will do the same.' Docketed by recipient on otherwise blank second leaf.

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