[Department of Physics, University of California at Berkeley.] Mimeographed Typescripts of fourteen unpublished lectures by physicists including Nobel Prize winners Luis Alvarez, Edwin McMillan, Emilio Segrê, forming syllabus 'Physics 290(f)'.

Luis Alvarez, Edwin McMillan, Emilio Segrê: Nobel Prize winning physicists; Department of Physics, University of California at Berkeley; Burton J. Moyer; Herbert Frank York [Manhatten Project]
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[Department of Physics, University of California at Berkeley.] Circa 1950 [with last dated reference November 1949].

Mimeographed typescripts of fourteen unpublished lectures forming the syllabus for the Berkeley course in experimental physics 'Physics 290(f)'. Undated, but delivered circa 1950 (the latest date among the bibliographical references to the lectures being November 1949). Details of the lectures are given below.

[Lauren R. Stevens.] Autograph Letter Signed and Typed Letter Signed (both 'Lauren') to English literary critic A. Alvarez ('Al'), discussing his decision to leave Harvard and his first novel, 'The Double Axe', an inscribed copy of which is included.

Lauren R. Stevens (b.1938) [A. Alvarez [Al Alvarez] (b.1929), English literary critic; H. C. Baker [Herschel Clay Baker] (1914-1990), Professor of English Literature at Harvard University]
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TLS: 430 W. Allen's Lane, Philadelphia 19, Pennsylvania. 5 October 1960. ALS: on his (cancelled) letterhead 1717 Cambridge Street, Cambridge 38, Massachusetts. 31 January 1961. Book: New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1961.

TLS: 2pp., 12mo. In good condition. The letter begins: 'Dear Al: | Last Thursday morning, while sitting in a barbar chair, I asked myself a question which a number of people have been asking me recently, namely, What are you doing at Harvard? I couldn't come up with a very satisfactory answer, so I went to a friend's house on Cape Cod for the weekend. Monday I saw the head of the English Department at Harvard, H. C. Baker. He said, "Follow your star," which seemed to me a little romantic, but all the same good advice.

Autograph Letter Signed ('J Montagu Sims') from the editor of the Manchester 'free Lance' to copy editor 'Mr. Alvarez', regarding the journal's system of punctuation.

J. Montagu Sims (fl. 1870s), editor of the Victorian Manchester periodical 'free Lance' [Alvarez, copy editor]
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'Southport. Tuesday.' [no date] On letterhead of 'The Editor's Department', "free Lance" Office, 36, Corporation Street, Manchester.

1p., 12mo. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper. He begins by informing Alvarez that the periodical 'somehow made a sad hash of the printing of ye last No. which I have sent to the works | As you are now definitely engaged to read, I will tell you our system. | No high pointing, the other plan being both more scholarlike & less expensive. | All proofs read after my signature is attached (in page) to be only altered for literals.' He ends by informing Alvarez that he has 'sent on something of yrs'.

Typewritten Publishing agreement with Anthony Blond Limited, 56 Doughty Street, London, W.C.1.

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Poet and critic (born 1929), friend of Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath, now best known as a poker player. In good condition. On one side each of 3 4to pages, neatly stapled to a piece of card. '[...] concerning a work at present entitled: | THE IRON CURTAIN SPY | Edited and compiled | by | Al Alvarez | [...]'. The authors name corrected by him in manuscript from 'Al' to 'A.' The first two pages initialled by Alvarez and the last page signed by him.

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