[Heathrow Airport, London.] Duplicated Typed 'General Information Sheet' and eleven other documents of publicity material on: Statistics, Locations, History. Aircraft, Hotels, Terminals, Animal Hostel, St George's Chapel, Cargo Terminal.

Heathrow Airport, London [Press and Public Relations Office, British Airports Authority]
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Most items 'Issued by: Press and Public Relations Office | British Airports Authority | Heathrow Airport – London'. Four items dated 'January 1971'.

Twelve 8vo sheets of duplicated typescript, eleven of which are printed on both sides, making a total of 23pp. In fair condition, lightly aged and creased, with wear to extremities and slight damage to corners from tearing of staple. The first five sheets are stapled together. ONE: 'Local Hotels (within 4 miles radius)'. Map on reverse, captioned: 'How to reach Heathrow Airport – London'. TWO: 'British Airports Authority | Heathrow Airport – London'. 'Issued by: Press and Public Relations Office | British Airports Authority | Heathrow Airport – London'. Printed on 4pp over two leaves.

[ Sir Frederick Snow, structural engineer. ] Two Typed Letters, one Signed 'Fredck. S. Snow' and the other signed on his behalf, to the Secretary, Royal Society of Arts, with typed synopsis of a proposed paper on 'Steel or Concrete Structures'.

Sir Frederick Snow [ Sir Frederick Sidney Snow ] (1899-1976), civil and structural engineer, overall designer for Gatwick Airport
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Both on letterhead of Frederick S. Snow & Partners, Consulting Engineers, Ross House, 144 Southwark Street, London. 28 February and 23 March 1964.

Five items: Snow's two letters and carbons of three of Mercer's replies (5 and 25 March, and 24 June 1964). ONE: Typed Letter from Samson, signed on his behalf, to the Secretary (i.e. G. E. Mercer), Royal Society of Arts, 28 February 1964. 1p., folio. Confirming that he wishes to give a paper on 'The Relative Merits of the use of Steel or Concrete in Structures', 'with a number of slides showing comparisons of various materials'. At the foot of the page is a signed note from Mercer to Sampson, dated 2 March 1964: 'Do we want this?

Typed Letter Signed "Arthur" to "My dear Peggy"

Arthur Hailey, Anglo-American novelist.
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[Printed heading] Lyford Cay, P.O. Box N-7776, Nassau, Bahamas, 30 October 1974.

One page, 4to, good condition, initially giving family news and movements. "After you had all gone, it seemed strange to be in the house at Enfield, knowing I would never see mother again, and yet the place still spoke of her. However that changed quickly, and perhaps as well. The house was empty of furniture by Friday, and sold on Saturday. Only a few formalities remain, and those can be handled by mail." He suggests she might like a copy of a letter he wrote to his mother when her terminal illness "came to attention", which his mother had kept and obviously valued.

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