Autograph Letter Signed T. Sterry Hunt, American geologist and chemist, to William Bragge, physicist, on improvements to the Bessemer process (steel) and an American visiting Britain for steel-related business..

Thomas Sterry Hunt, American geologist and chemist
T. Sterry Hunt, American geologist/chemist, ALS to William Bragge, physicist
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Montreal, 16 Dec. 1870
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Two pages, 12mo, good condition. He presumes on the acquaintance struck up when Bragge was in Montreal two years previously and knowing your great practical interest in the Bessemer I take the liberty to introduce to you Mr [Barner?] the agent of my friend Mr Holley - the manager of the Troy Steel Works who has introduced some very important improvements in the management of the Bessemer process, now successfully adopted in America & visits England for the purpose of there making them business. | I feel sure from what I have seen of them in Troy & Harrisburg that they will not be without interest to you . . . Notes: a. Alexander Holley Biography In 1863, however, he purchased the U.S. rights to the Bessemer process for manufacturing steel and soon pursued steel manufacturing almost to the exclusion of all his many interests. In 1865, he built the first U.S. plant employing the Bessemer process in Troy, N.Y., followed by one in Harrisburg, Pa. b. Hunt first proposed the theory which linked climate change to concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere at a meeting for the British Society for the Advancement of Science in the fall of 1878. This was a few years before Arrhenius established the theory of the greenhouse effect. c. One website ascribes the invention of teh green used in greenbacks to Hunt (a Canadian).