Five illustrated handbills: 'Adam & Eve in Paradise'; 'The Sun of Righteousness', 'A Supposed Conference between a King and a Christian', 'The Rose of Sharon' and 'The Last Day! "Prepare to meet thy God.' Christ coming to Judge the World.'

James Catnach, broadsheet printer, 2 Monmouth Court, Seven Dials, London [ephemera; handbills; broadsides; Victorian printing]
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All undated and printed by James Catnach, 2 Monmouth-Court, Seven Dials.
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Each of the five items printed on one side of a piece of wove paper roughly 50 x 37 mm. All five good, on aged and lightly-spotted paper, with text and illustrations clear and entire, and with some wear, chipping and short closed tears to the edges. Each item with a central vertical fold. All five items with ornately decorated titles, and all of a devotional nature. Item One: 'Adam & Eve in Paradise.' ('Printed by J. CATNACH, Monmouth-Court, 7, Dials.......Price Twopence.' Splendid ornate woodcut, roughly 230 x 340 mm, of Adam, Eve and the Serpent on the Tree of Wisdom in the garden of Eden, surrounded by a veritable menagerie of animals. Five columns of text, with sections on 'The Creation' and 'The Fall', and a poem entitled 'The Saint's Sweet Home.' Initial 'H' with devotional decoration. Item Two: 'The Sun of Righteousness. Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ' ('Printed by J. Catnach, No. 2, Monmouth-Court, Seven Dials, London', 'Price Twopence'). A Christmas medley of poems, with a large central oval image of Christ (roughly 195 mm high by 175 mm wide) surrounded by text, and with eight more woodcuts at the sides, head and foot. Captions include 'The Prophet Elijah carried up to Heaven in a fiery Chariot', and 'An Angel appears to Joseph in a Dream'. Poems include 'Hark! the Herald Angels Sing.' and 'Hymn of the Wie [sic] Men | (Sometimes called the Three Eastern Magi,) Adoring our Redeemer at His Nativity.' Item Three: 'The Rose of Sharon' (no publication details or price). Large illustration (roughly 170 x 360 mm), in several panels at head. Six column-width illustrations in text, which consists of poems including 'The Rose of Sharon', 'The Husbandman's Hymn' and 'The Church is God's House & Care.' Item Four: 'The Last Day! [...]'. ('CATNACH, PRINTER, 2, Monmouth-Court, Seven Dials.', 'THIRTIETH EDITION | PRICE TWOPENCE'. Large illustrations (both roughly 120 x 340 mm) at head and foot: the upper showing the Ascension and the lower the Last Supper. Small column-width illustration of the Crucifixion in text, which consists of three poems ('Abel', 'The Last Judgement', 'Prepare to Meet thy God') and two prose passages ('Dreadful Whirlwind' and 'On Drunkenness'). Item Five: 'A Supposed Conference between a King and a Christian' ('London: Printed and sold by J. Catnach, 2, Monmouth Court, 7 Dials. Price Twopence.'). Each of the five letters in 'A KING' an initial with illustration of a ruin. Beneath this a splendid royal crest (60 x 200 mm) with lion and unicorn, flanked by two floral decorations. Beneath the crest a large illustration (145 x 345 mm) showing a contemporary king, with two courtiers and two guards, seated at a table in splendid surroundings, while a plainly-dressed Christian exhorts him to repent. Text consists of a poetic dialogue between the King and the Christian, covering five columns. All scarce. No copy of Item One at the British Library or on COPAC. The only copies of Item Two at Aberdeen and the National Library of Scotland. The only copies of Items Three to Five at Aberdeen (Item Four being the 'Twelfth Edition').