Handbill poem, celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of the reign of King George III, entitled 'Illumination For Ever, Huzza!'

William Glindon, printer, Rupert Street, London [King George III; handbills; street ballads]
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[1810.] Glindon, Printer, Rupert Street, Haymarket, London.
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On one side of a piece of wove paper, 25 x 10.5 cm. Spotted and lightly creased, with four small holes in the paper, but with text clearly legible throughout. Forty-four lines, arranged in eleven four-line stanzas. Begins 'JOHN BULL, with Pleasure, hailed the Day, | (Yet 'twas pleasure mixed with pain,) [because of the king's madness] | The fiftieth Anniversary | Of his beloved Monarch's Reign.' John Bull's spirits droop when 'orders from each Vestry Room' declare that 'No open act must then take place, | Nor burn one farthing Candle; | Such doings Beadles would disgrace, | And Constables would scandal.' The concluding stanza reads 'My lights I'll burn, my Songs I'll sing, | And strive to mark the day Sir, | And fiftieth year of such a King, | Whom long may we obey Sir.' Excessively scarce: no copy on COPAC.