Autograph Letter Signed ('Whitwell Elwin') to 'Miss Mayne'.

Whitwell Elwin (1816-1900), English journalist, editor of the 'Quarterly Review'
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29 September 1856; Booton Rectory, Norwich.
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12mo, 1 p, 17 lines. Very good. He has been 'from home visiting here & there', and has returned to 'a mass of correspondence which is perfectly appalling'. He is sorry she 'sent back the book', as he meant her 'to keep it in perpetuity'. 'The recent work which finds most favour with the public is Lord Cockburn's Memorials. It is entertaining but not in all respects accurate. It is however worth reading & will serve to beguile a winter's evening. I dare sayy the autumn & Christmas, which are the great publishing seasons, will produce something tolerable.' Ends by thanking her for the account she gives of her 'travels'. The recipient of this letter may have been the author, under the pseudonym 'Leslie Gore', of the Bentley three-decker 'Annie Jennings' (1870).