Typed Letter Signed ('Anthony') from Blond to Ali, countersigned 'Tariq Ali'; Typed Letter Signed ('Tariq') from Ali to Blond; printed contract, with manuscript insertions, signed 'Tariq Ali', for a book by Ali to be entitled 'Ho Chi Minh'.

Tariq Ali (b.1943), English radical activist and writer of Indo-Pakistani origin; Anthony Blond (b.1928), British publisher
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1966-1967; London (see below).
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All three items good, on lightly aged paper. The first two items were formerly attached to one another by a pin. ITEM ONE (one page, folio): Blond to Ali, 6 December 1967, on letterhead of Anthony Blond Ltd, Publishers. Characteristically punchy letter of clarification, headed 'WHO Really Is WHO', and beginning 'This is just to clarify the situation between us'. A list of eight points, the first of which reads 'You are wholly employed compiling this book at a salary of £1,500 per annum for one year. If you finish the job in nine months, you will still get £1,500 only quicker.' Ali is to 'appear in th[i]s office once a month with a report on progress' and the contract is 'terminable at one month's notice from us if you chicken out'. 'Should the book become the enormous success we expect, you will get an ex gratia payment'. 'What we don't want is your absence for a long period.' Ali has indicated his agreement with a signature. ITEM TWO (one page, octavo): Ali to Blond, 8 December 1967, on letterhead Flat 8, 5 Haslemere Road, London, N.8. Slight wax stain at head. Letter returning Item 1. 'Do you think it would be possible to have a cheque for 11th Dec to 11th Jan as soon as possible as I literally have not got any money in the bank and it makes things difficult in every way.' Gives details of his bank account and suggests that they meet 'at least once a fortnight if possible'. ITEM THREE (three pages, folio): Memorandum of Agreement, 20 September 1966, between Anthony Blond Limited and Ali, of Flat 5, Eton Court, Shepherds Hill, London N.6, for a 'work provisionally entitled "Ho Chi Minh"'. Includes details of accounts and royalties. Ali is to receive an advance of '£1000 when the author receives a visa to proceed to N. Vietnam'. Signed 'Tariq Ali'. Neither of the two projects appear to have reached fruition.