Memorandums of Agreement and other documents relating to the publication of three novels.

David Benedictus, English author (born 1938) [Anthony Blond Ltd; E. P. Dutton Inc.; publishing agreements]
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1963 to 1971.
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The collection is in very good condition, though items are lightly creased and a tad grubby. ITEM ONE: Memorandum of Agreement, 26 February 1963, between Anthony Blond Limited and Benedictus (of 'Winter Lodge, Cookham Dean, Berkshire'), for 'You're a Big Boy now' (published by Blond in 1963). Signed; initialed 'D. H. B.' [David Henry Benedictus] twice. Three pages, folio. Staple attached at head of first leaf of bifolium. Advance of £250 and discussion of royalties and percentages. ITEMS TWO TO SIX: Documents relating to reprint and foreign rights of item one, viz: Agreement, dated 6 April 1964, relating to Danish rights between Blond and Grafisk Forlag (dogeared at head); Signed Note from Rosica Colin Limited (Benedictus' agents?) relating to the same, 22 April 1964; Agreement between Blond and E. P. Dutton & Co., Inc. of New York for American rights, 20 June 1963, three pages folio, creased, signed by John P. Edmondson, Executive Vice President of Dutton; two copies of unsigned carbon of letter from Blond to Edmondson, 11 July 1963, regarding sale of reprint rights to Penguin; two copies (one signed) of letter from Edmondson to Benedictus (both countersigned by Benedictus), 20 June 1963, relating to American rights; letter from Holt-Blond Limited, 15 December 1971, relating to change of publisher. ITEM EIGHT: Memorandum of Agreement, 6 November 1964, between Anthony Blond Limited and Benedictus, for 'This Animal is Mischievous' (published by Blond in 1965), signed 'David Benedictus Ltd', and initialed at foot of first leaf of bifolium 'D. H. B.' [David Henry Benedictus]. Three pages, folio. Staple attached at head of first leaf of bifolium. Having already delivered the MS, Benedictus (of '5 & 6 Raymond Buildings, Grays Inn, W.C.1.') receives an advance of £250. Royalties and percentages specified. ITEM NINE: Agreement between Panther Books Limited and Blond for English paperback rights of item eight, 15 March 1965. Three pages, folio. Signed by chairman of Panther. ITEM TEN: Agreement between the New American Library of World Literature, Inc. and Blond for the American paperback rights of item eight, 12 April 1965, six pages, folio, signed by Victor Weybright, Chairman and Editor of NAL. ITEM ELEVEN: Memorandum of Agreement between Benedictus and Blond for 'Hump' (published by Blond in 1967). Benedictus receives an advance of £250, and undertakes to deliver the manuscript by 1 October 1966. Royalties and percentages specified. Benedictus is best known as author of the 1981 play 'Whose Life is it anyway?'