Autograph Letter Signed to [Sir Francis Graham?] Moon.

William Chevalier
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Thursday Morn' [no date, but on paper watermarked 1825]; '3. Edwards Place | Hackney Road.'
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English engraver (1804-66). One page, octavo. Good, on slightly discoloured paper with spike hole at centre. Addressed to 'Mr. Moon' on verso of second leaf of bifoliate, which has a hole from the breaking of a wafer which still adheres. Reads 'I've taken the liberty of leaving for your inspection a few specimens of my stile of engraving - your brother Mr. Moon in Threadneedle St [Francis Graham Moon, , later Lord Mayor of London?] was so kind as to say he would recommend me to call as you were bringing out several works - I flatter myself so far as to say - my specimens have given such satisfaction - as to furnish me with several subjects for very superior work, - - if you were to favour me with a subject for either of yours - you may depend on my giving both you and the Artist satisfaction - I shall be passing your residence in a day or so and will take the liberty of calling.' Signed 'W. Chevalier'. If, as seems probable, the recipient is the printseller Sir Francis Graham Moon (1796-1871, later Lord Mayor of London), then of the firm of Moon, Boys & Graves of Pall Mall, the letter is a significant one, marking the beginning of an important association between the two.