[Scottish seventeenth-century wholesale draper.] Itemised manuscript accounts, naming customers, fabrics, dates, lengths, sums.

[Scottish seventeenth-century wholesale draper]
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8 June 1664 to 8 March 1664/5. No place given [Scotland].
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There is no indication of the author's identity, but one of the customers is named as 'Mr: Dougall Campball', and others include 'Balantine', 'Mr Connor', 'Mr Hall', 'Thomas Eson' and 'Tho Eison'. The sums involved are large, and the document would appear to suggest a wholesaler. 2pp, folio, on a leaf of laid paper with no watermark. Aged and worn, with chipping along one edge resulting in slight loss to some of the figures on one side of the leaf. Repaired with archival tape at head, which also has loss to one corner and discoloration from ancient archival tape, and with a strip of previous card mount adhering along the bottom. The document contains sixty-five entries, each with date, description and sum. The first side, headed 'June 1664', carries the first forty entries, dated between 8 June and 20 October, with a total at the foot of the page of the substantial sum of £148 1s 10d. The second side, headed 'October 1664', carries the last twenty-five entries, ending on 8 March [1664/5], with £85 11s 4 ½ d as a total. One entry corrects an overcharging, and a couple of others state that money is 'want[in]g'. Fabrics mentioned include: 'brod Coulored [sic] taby', 'fine holands Camlet', 'papalines', 'drogett', 'poile Velvett', 'blue english serage'. As examples, an entry for 15 June reads: '6 Yd ½ bruxelles Camlet at 8s 6d on your accott for Mr Hall 22 8bre last' (£4 7s 9d); and the first entry on the second page reads '@ 9 Yd ¾ Skarlett Camlet @ 15d ayd' (£7 6s 3d).