[ Leopold Hartley Grindon, Manchester botanist. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Leo. H. Grindon'), explaining his aims in founding the 'Manchester Field-Naturalists' Society'.

L. H. Grindon [ Leopold Hartley Grindon ] (1818-1904), Lancashire botanist whose collections served as the basis of the Herbarium at Manchester Museum on its foundation in 1860
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20 Cecil Street, Greenheys, Manchester. 17 December 1885.
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4pp., 12mo. Bifolium. In good condition, lightly aged. The recipient is not named. Grindon's handwriting is difficult and the reading is in parts tentative. The letter begins with a references to 'The Secretary of our “Manchester Field-Naturalists' Society', who appears to have placed a communication from the recipient in Grindon's hands. Grindon agrees to bring the matter 'very distinctly before our members', but explains that there are difficulties. 'Our members reside, almost wholly, in the town, or, if a few miles away, they come into town by train by 9 a.m. Or so, & remain till eve. | So they have barely any opportunity for <?> work of the kind you refer to.' He continues: 'When I founded the Society, 26 years ago, it was with the view to country walks on our Saturday 1//2 holiday afternoons – while out, picking up all the information possible in Botany &c; but no scheme was ever practicable for proper scientific occupations.' He ends by stating: 'I will do what I can'.