[ Thomas George Bonney, geologist. ] Autograph Signature ('T. G. Bonney | Secretary') to duplicated document, asking Alexander Ramsay to serve on a committee of the British Association for the Advancement of Science with ten other named members.

T. G. Bonney [ Thomas George Bonney ] (1833-1923), English geologist, President of the Geological Society of London [ Alexander Ramsay; British Association for the Advancement of Science, London ]
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British Association for the Advancement of Science, 22 Albemarle Street, London. 28 November 1882.
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2pp., 12mo. Bifiolium. Mimeographed document in purple ink. The date, Ramsay's name and Bonney's signature are added in Bonney's autograph. The Association's council, 'acting under the powers conferred upon them by the General Committee in accordance with their Report, have appointed a Committee [...] to carry into effect the recommendations of the portion of the Council Report accepted by the General committee'. A 'List of the Committee' is on the second page, the eleven members headed by 'Mr. H. G. Fordham (Secretary)' and featuring 'Mr. Francis Galton' and 'Mr. A. Ramsay'. Laid down beneath the list is a printed slip reading: 'That the Council be empowered to appoint a Committee, as recommended in their report adopted by the General Committee on August 23, in order to draw up suggestions upon methods of more systematic observation and plans of operation for local societies, together with a more uniform mode of publication of he results of their work. It is recommended that this Committee should draw up a list of local societies which publish their proceedings.' Ramsay, a geologist, was the editor of the short-lived periodical 'The Scientific Roll'.