[ Sir Richard Hill on the Hoxton Academy. ] Autograph Letter in the third person to 'T. Wilson', regarding his subscription and an 'arbitrary' 'transaction'.

Sir Richard Hill (1732-1808) of Hawkstone, 2nd Baronet, Tory religious revivalist [ Thomas Wilson (1764-1843), Hoxton Academy treasurer; Robert Hawker (1753-1827), vicar of Charles Church, Plymouth ]
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Nottingham Place [ London ]. 6 March 1804.
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2pp., 8vo. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn. He begins by thanking Wilson for sending him 'the acct: of the Hoxton Academy', and continues: 'Sir Richd is concerned to own that some objections have been thrown in his way, wh caused him to withdraw his annual subscription from ye Hoxton establishmt, by some letters wh he receiv'd from the Revd Doctr Hawker of Plymouth, relative to a young man who was recommended by the Doctor, and soon dismiss'd from the Society, for no reasons whatever that appeared satisfactory to the Doctor or to Sir R H and which young man was received into the late Lady Huntingdon's connexions as posessing [sic] every qualification for the work of the ministry.' The 'transaction' appears to Hill 'an arbitrary one', and if it could be 'clear'd up', he would be 'happy to continue himself a subscriber to the Institution, wh he is persuaded has done much good and is founded on a pure evangelical basis.' Hoxton Academy was one of the most prestigious of the dissenting academies. In 1826 it moved to north London as Highbury College, and in the 1850s it was amalgamated into New College, London.