[ North African Campaign, 1940-1943. ] Duplicated four-page document giving 'Some Golden rules for the desert', 'Tips for the desert' and 'Hints on desert driving for "B" vehicles'. With signature of Lt M. P. M. Ollard, Leicestershire Yeomanry.

North African Campaign, British Army, 1940-1943 [ Lt M. P. M. Ollard of 154 (Leicestershire Yeomanry) Field Regiment, Royal Artillery; Field Marshal Montgomery of Alamein ]
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[ North African Campaign, British Army, 1940-1943. ]
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4pp., 4to. On four leaves. In fair condition, on aged and worn paper, with minor rust marks from paperclip. Ownership signature at top right of first page: 'Lt M P M Ollard'. The pages are numbered in type 5 [corrected in manuscript to '1'], 2, 3 and 4. The first page is headed 'Some golden rules for the desert', with subheadings 'Desert March Discipline', 'Protection', 'Navigation', 'Messing, Rations etc.', 'Maintenance' and 'General'. The next section is headed 'Tips for the desert', with subheadings 'Clothing', 'Stores and Equipment', 'M. T.', 'Comforts' (including a list of 13 'boon' commodities, from 'N.C.I. powder for fleas' to 'Salt water soap'), 'Hygiene' and 'General'. A section headed 'Hints on desert driving for "B" vehicles' follows, with three short sections ending the document: 'Navigation', 'Maps' and 'Wind'. Dozens of pieces of advice, including: 'When in vicinity of the enemy or on roads or tracks known to have been attacked from the air, air sentries on the move and at the halt are essential. When attacked by enemy aircraft evacuate obliquely from vehicle.', 'Packing of rations and utensils when operating over rough country demands great care. Tea and sugar should be carried in tins and not in paper bags Eggs should be packed in sand. Boxes or packages must be wedged tightly together in vehicles with the heavier stuff underneath. Bread should be wrapped in damp cloth.', 'The navigator is not infallible. The commander or second navigator should always check up on him. If necessary or in doubt a halt should be called for a moment to check up. It is better to do this than go miles out of your course.', 'If you break down or get lost, STAY by your VEHICLE. RATION your FOOD and WATER AT ONCE and help those who are looking for you by flashing a mirror, waving a flag, etc.' No other copy traced, with no entries on OCLC WorldCat or on COPAC.