[ Geraldine Knight, sculptor. ] 15 black and white photographs by Gilbert Adams of Knight at work on a sculpture for the new Whitbread brewery at Magor at Newport. With accompanying autograph text by Rosalind Thuillier.

Geraldine Knight (1933-2008), English sculptor, wife of the artist Mark Churchill (1935-2011) [ Gilbert Adams (1906-1996), photographer; Rosalind Thuillier (1939-2015), critic; Magor Brewery, Wales ]
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Each photograph with stamp on reverse of Gilbert Adams, East Stowell, Marlborough, Wiltshire. Thuillier's text on her Wiltshire letterhead. Undated, but circa 1979.
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All items in good condition. The photographs range in size from 21.5 x 14.5 cm. to 18.5 x 16.5 cm., and show Knight at work on the sculpture, with her husband Mark Churchill present in one. Thuillier's text (1p., 12mo) reads: 'Geraldine Knight seen with her giant 10 ft. fibreglass and resin (GRP) Hinds Head which has been commissioned by Whitbreads for their new Brewery at Magor near Newport. The work has taken her a year to complete. She lives and works in a converted Bakery at Woodborough in Wiltshire where she has 4 large studios. She is married to the Painter Mark Churchill.' The Magor Brewery, now owned by AB InBev, is the largest in the United Kingdom, and celebrated its '20 billionth pint' in 2014.