[ Log book of a Yorkshire publican, 1910 to 1940. ] Autograph 'Spirit Stock Book' of A. E. Hoyle of the Bull's Head Hotel, Halifax (dealing with Webster's Brewery), with seven associated Excise documents.

Arthur Ernest Hoyle of the Bull's Head Hotel, Halifax, Yorkshire, publican and retailer of spirits [ Samuel Webster & Sons Ltd, Yorkshire brewers ]
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[ Arthur Ernest Hoyle, Bull's Head Hotel, Bull Green, Halifax, Yorkshire. ] 1910 to 1950, with accompanying documents dated 1923, 1928, 1936 and 1939.
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ONE: Spirit Stock Book. 116pp., 4to. Internally in good condition, on aged paper, in heavily-worn cloth binding, with worn paper label on front cover. (The purpose of the book is given in the description of Item Two, below.) Detailing the sale (or return?) of spirits, exclusively to Samuel Webster & Sons, between 1910 and 1950. The entries on each page are divided into eight printed columns: 'Date when the Spirits were Sent out', 'No. of the Certificate sent with them', 'Christian and Surname of the Persons or Name of the Firm to whom the Spirits were sent', 'Of what Place', 'Gallons of Spirits Sent out', 'Kind or Quality of the Spirits', 'Strength of the Spirits', 'Galloons at Proof'. The last column is usually left blank, and the kinds of spirits include rum, Scotch, Irish, Canadian, Brandy, Gin, and occasionally Cherry Brandy, Benedictine, Drambuie. The other eight documents are in good condition, on lightly-aged paper. n TWO: Printed 'Pattern of Spirits Stock Book'. Excise document. Made out in manuscript to 'Mr. A. E. Hoyle, of Bulls Head Hotel, Retailer of Spirits, Halifax', dated 15 May 1923 and signed by Excise officer R. Goodfellow. 1p., folio, with example of layout of form on reverse of leaf. 'Every rectifier, dealer, and retailer must provide himself with and keep a Stock Book according to a pattern to be obtained on application to the proper officer, and must, on receiving any Spirits, and also on sending out or delivering any Spirits required to be accompanied by a certificate, enter in his Stock Book the particulars specified in that behalf in the Fourth Schedule.' THREE: Printed Excise 'Entry Paper'. 1p., folio. Completed in autograph by Hoyle, who describes himself as 'Publican for the sale of Beer Spirits and Wine', with 'five rooms adjoining each other on the ground floor marked 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, one cellar marked 6, one room on the first floor marked 7 all for the purpose of storing and retailing Beer, Spirits and Wine'. Like Item Two dated 15 May 1923. FOUR: Printed Excise documen, headed 'BRITISH WINES'. 'Dated this 8th day of March, 1912. | Signed by Order of the Commissioners of Customs and Excise, | J. P. BYRNE, | Secretary.' 1p., folio. FIVE: Printed Excise 'Notice', 'By order of the Commissioners, | J. P. BYRNE, | Secretary.' Regarding the extracting of spirits from the wood of casks. SIX, SEVEN and EIGHT: Three printed Excise documents. Item Six headed 'Penalties upon misdescribing Articles as Spirits or Beer.' 4pp., 12mo. Dated February 1939. Item Seven headed 'Notice by the Commissioners of Customs and Excise'. 8pp., 12mo. Dated August 1936. Item Eight headed 'British Wine'. 3pp., 12mo. Dated January 1928. NINE: Manuscript receipt for £1 17s 0d, on letterhead of the Halifax & District Licensed Victuallers' Wine & Beersellers' Protection & Benevolent Association, signed by social secretary H. Vinton.