[Sir Robert Graham, merchant banker.] Two letters from the firm of Sir Robert Graham & Co to an unnamed recipient, the first regarding a dishonoured draft and the second on the payment of two approaching bills.

Sir Robert Graham, merchant banker [Sir Robert Graham & Co., 2 Walbrook, City of London]
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[Sir Robert Graham & Co., 2 Walbrook, City of London.] Both from London, the first dated 30 March 1829, and the second 28 April 1829.
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Both items in fair condition, lightly aged and worn. Both 1p., 4to, and both signed 'Robert Graham & Co.' ONE (30 March 1829): Docketed on reverse: 'Letter from Sir R Graham respg Hunts Bill'. They have already informed him that his 'draft on Hunt of £20 was dishonoured & noted for nonpayment', and now 'have now to intimate that your draft on Foreman for the same amount has met the same fate'. Consequently they request a remittance. TWO (28 April 1829): They are 'rather surprised' that they have received no reply to their letter of 14 April. He has 'two Bills falling due next month - Viz on the 1st £135. 18. 5 & on the 4th. £346. 15 - & as the time is drawing very short we shall be glad to be informed what proportion of them you will be able to pay'.