Two Autograph Letters Signed (both 'Sybil Mc.Donnell') from Lady Sybil Mary McDonnell, daughter of the 6th Earl of Antrim, to Cecily Parker of Chester, discussing their autograph collections, and enclosing a caricature of her French teacher 'Tottie'.

Lady Sybil Mary McDonnell (1876-1959), daughter of William Randall McDonnell (1851-1918), 6th Earl of Antrim, and from 1897 wife of Vivian Hugh Smith, 1st Baron Bicester
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Both on letterheads of Glenarm Castle, County Antrim, Northern Ireland. 'Friday' and 'Sunday' [both in envelope postmarked 29 May 1891].
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Entertaining letters reflecting the privileged childhood of a member of the Irish nobility in the late Victorian period. Both in good condition, on lightly-aged paper, in aged envelope, with stamps and postmarks, addressed to 'Miss C. Parker | The Paddocks | Eccleston | Chester'. Letter One: 'Friday'. 1p., 12mo. She is sending 'some autographs which Mother gave me' (not present), and has 'put whoose [sic] they are on their backs in pencil'. She has 'no time to write now' as she is 'going out riding'. Letter Two: She thanks her for sending 'Judge Hugh's autograph', and will 'send you my autographs I get duplicates of, at present nobody has given me any, but there is an old man staying with us who knows all sorts of "autograph folk"'. Her family have been staying at a hotel in Portrush, where 'the people were superbly ugly & vulgar'. She has drawn a caricature of the children's French teacher 'Tottie', declaring that she is 'Ignorante! Sybille'. 'Tottie isn't nearly so savage as I thought she is really rather a nice old thing. But she is very funny. She calls me "petite" Duay "le petit" and Angus "le plus petit", we are all considerably larger than her (she), (I don't know which is right grammer so I give you them both to choose from. How are you and Ingall (is that the way to spell it) getting on is she as obnoxious as ever? Tottie & the boys fight all day, Angus sheds buckets over his french verbs, she is quite in despair over my french'. She switches topic to the tennis she has been playing with 'Edith & Kate', before concluding. In a postscript she reports that 'Angus says "Squeezeums (I forgot to write and thank her for her letter) oh lawky!!!"'